Ecoark Holdings Inc., which is a well-diversified clean energy company, has announced that it received a new solar technology patent through its subsidiary, Magnolia Solar Inc., from the US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO).

Called “Multijunction Solar Cell Employing Extended Heterojunction and Step Graded Antireflection Structures and Methods of Constructing the Same”, this new patent will be used by the firm to strengthen its product portfolio.

Aside from this, the company is also applying for other patents, which are already being reviewed by the PTO. Generally, the applications are related to flexible photovoltaics and nano-structured anti-reflection coating technologies.

Explaining the purpose of applying for these patents, Ashok K. Sood, president of Ecoark Holdings subsidiary Magnolia Solar, stated:

“We have been aggressively pursuing more than a dozen U.S. patent applications as a means to protect our intellectual property in the field of flexible photovoltaics and nanostructured antireflection coating technologies. These patents pertain to novel device structures for increasing the efficiency of lightweight, high-performance thin-film solar cells. These novel structures employ nanostructured absorbers and leverage optical light trapping mechanisms to increase the current output of thin-film solar cells.”

Sood added that these technologies will be used for designing better and more efficient solar technology products, which are a major part of Ecoark Holdings’ portfolio.

While the company already has four active subsidiaries, it has recently entered a partnership with Sunworks Inc. to create more innovative, large-scale solar products for retail clients.