A Digital Market for Solar Energy Has Been Created for Homeowners in Australia

solar energy for homes
Image Source: jonsowman, CC BY 2.0

In an effort to help Australians embrace clean energy, a digital marketplace has been established for private homeowners who want to use solar energy.

According to recent reports, about 16% of the renewable energy in the country is being generated from rooftop solar panels. Now, this could increase to up to 50% with the Decentralised Energy Exchange. The creation of this digital marketplace means that households capitalizing on solar energy will be able to trade their home-grown electricity in such a market.

Phil Blythe, the CEO of the partner of Decentralised Energy Exchange, GreenSync, said:

“The update of rooftop solar is one of the highest in the world per capita in Australia – around 1.6 million rooftops are being fitted with solar – and it’s being rapidly followed by battery storage.

“If we’re going to have customers that can participate in a grid, then they need to get paid for their participation. We needed… a new way of thinking about how these decentralized grids are going to work and fundamentally, how do we do that cost-efficiently.”

All in all, the 1.6 million rooftops with solar panels will prove to be a significant resource that is something the country should take advantage of.

For Blythe, this program will prove essential for the renewability goals of Australia.