AECOM to Most Likely Win the Main Construction Contract for the Spire London Tower

construction contract for the Spire London tower
Image Source: Dun.can, CC BY 2.0

According to industry sources, the American multinational engineering firm AECOM will most likely win the main construction contract for the Spire London tower.

Worth £800 million, the 67-storey tower, owned by Greenland Group and located at West India Quay in Canary Wharf, will be the tallest residential development in Western Europe. If AECOM wins the main contract, the company will scoop a £300 million to build it.

Since the beginning of the bidding process, the AECOM has been competing for the contracting role with other major contractors, such as Balfour Beatty and Multiplex. Favorably for AECOM, it was appointed as the project manager for the scheme, though no contract has been signed for the main contractor yet.

According to a spokesperson from Greenland Group, their company is aware of the industry chatter with regards to whom it will grant the main construction contract for the tower. He said:

“The tender process is currently under way. Greenland Group will be happy to provide details of its construction partner for Spire London following the proper conclusion of the tender process, through the appropriate channels.”

On the whole, the construction plan for the tower includes 942 square meters of commercial space and 861 apartments. Upon completion of the piling works that started in January, the chosen contractor will begin working in November this year.

Aside from this project, AECOM is also chosen to build 3,000 modular homes as part of a regeneration program of the Silvertown Quays redevelopment scheme.