Agnico Eagle to Start the Construction of Two New Gold Mines in Nunavut, Canada

Nunavut_the site for Agnico Eagle's new gold mines
Image Source: UBC Micrometeorology, CC BY 2.0

The board of directors of the Agnico Eagle had given the permission to go ahead with the construction of the Amaruq and Meliadine gold mines in Nunavut, Canada.

The company announced that it plans to have the $1.2 billion gold mines up and running by the fall of 2019, which means that the Meliadine mining site at Rankin Inlet will be opening a year earlier than originally planned.

Commenting on what the project brings to the region, Agnico Eagle vice-president Dominique Girard said:

“It’s creating a huge opportunity for the Kivalliq and Rankin Inlet especially, where we are going to create jobs and a whole lot of training opportunities.”

Particularly, the company plans to get the Meliadine facility ready by the middle of 2017 and to complete facilities, such as the mill and power plant, by the end of the year.

On the other hand, the ore extracted from the Amaruq deposit will be processed at a mine site in Meadowbank, which is 60 kilometers away from Amaruq. However, the Amaruq facility will not open until 2019, leaving a small gap between the operations of the two mines. Nevertheless, Agnico Eagle is working to close the gap, which includes hiring more people for the facilities. Girard said, “At the end of the day our goal is to keep all the jobs at Meadowbank and continue with that crew. So that means we need to hire a complete crew for the Meliadine site.”

For the Meliadine facility alone, the company expects to hire around 300 to 350 new employees.