Big Companies in the US Are Setting More New Clean Energy Targets

clean energy
Image Source: Philippe Roos, CC BY-SA 2.0

Recently, a group of sustainable investors and environmental groups reported that around 50% of the largest companies in the US have set new clean energy targets for themselves.

The report—titled “Power Forward 3.0” and created by World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Calvert Research and Management, Ceres, and CDP—shows that Fortune 500 companies are learning that clean energy is not just cleaner, but is also more cost-effective. In fact, these companies collectively reported around $3.7 billion in savings each year by generating power from renewables.

Sharing his opinion about these achievements, WWF senior director Marty Spitzer stated:

“We’re not talking about anecdotal information anymore. We’re talking about large, large savings.”

As it has been pointed out, technology firms are among the largest purchasers of renewable energy these days. For example, Google is planning to be entirely powered by clean energy this year, and Apple has already agreed to help power its data center in Reno, Nevada through solar technologies. Also, has recently announced that it has reached net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Aside from these giants, more of the smallest members of the Fortune 500 have also set their own new clean energy goals. Even some Fortune 100 companies have jumped on the bandwagon, committing to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions.