Canada’s Annual Mining Health and Safety Conference Will Be in Sudbury, Ontario This April 18 to 20

This year’s Mining Health and Safety Conference in Canada will be hosted by Workplace Safety North (WSN) in Sudbury, Ontario from April 18-20.

During the event, professionals, experts, and organizations in Canada’s mining industry will come together to share innovative ideas and knowledge on safety and hazard programs that can be applied effectively in the sector. WSN president and CEO Candys Ballanger-Michaud said:

“We’re pleased to welcome miners from across the province to this year’s conference, themed innovations in mining safety. In the last decade we’ve seen an increase in innovations aimed at improving safety in Ontario mines and this event is aimed at celebrating these advancements.”

Ballanger-Michaud went on to say that the industry is technically demanding, but her organization has mining health and safety specialists, as well as rescue officers, who can offer training and specialized services across Ontario to make things better. Aside from helping companies assess risks and comply with legal requirements, WSN can offer expertise in essential areas, such as ground control, mine ventilation, and recovery operations.

New for this year’s conference is live video streaming of keynote presentations. Among the main personalities who will give their speech during the event are motivational speaker Jody Urquhart, mining expert Alistair Ross, and researcher Michel Larivière.