Construction Manufacturing Firm Midwest Partitions to Add More Employees as Part of Its Headquarter Relocation

construction manufacturing firm Midwest Partitions
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The construction manufacturing company, Midwest Partitions Inc., will employ around 300 individuals, as part of its plans to purchase the former manufacturing facility of Coleman Powermate in Kearney, Nebraska.

According to a press release from the Economic Development Council of Buffalo County (EDC), Midwest Partitions has signed a deal to purchase the building with the purpose of establishing a construction manufacturing process that is new to the area and creating 30-40 full-time employee positions. A memo from the city council also hopes that the purchase will take away the responsibility of the city to maintain the property and put it on the tax rolls once again.

Herb Hall, president of Midwest Partitions, said that the purchase will definitely provide benefits to the city. He said that his company plans to make the building as its corporate headquarters, where it will manufacture exterior facade panels to be delivered to high-end construction projects across the US. In a press release, he stated:

“We believe the proposal will be a positive impact on the community, lend to job creation, and improve dramatically the current aesthetics of the vacant building.

“This manufacturing process, new to central Nebraska, will eliminate the need to purchase panels from Colorado and eastern Nebraska, which will generate new revenue for the area and dramatically increase speed to market.”

City manager, Mike Morgan, said that the city is especially fortunate to have the new company operating in it. Darren Robinson, president of the EDC, also stated that the deal is a great opportunity for the Kearney area. He said:

“Midwest Partitions Inc. is an exceptional company that will generate new revenue and jobs that are new to the community. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mr. Hall and his family on the project. You couldn’t ask for a better family to do business with.”

The purchase agreement will see close the sale on the building in the later part of this month.