Construction Work for the Lower Thames Crossing Between Kent and Essex to Begin Anytime Soon

Construction work for the new Lower Thames Crossing, specifically between Kent and Essex, is said to begin soon and create up to 6,000 jobs.

Basically, the new crossing will link the A2 and the M25 to reduce traffic congestion on the Dartford Crossing. The route is planned to run from the M25 (specifically near North Ockendon) and cross the A13 at Orsett before crossing under the River Thames through a tunnel from East Tilbury to Gravesend.

According to UK Transport Secretary Chris Grayling, the chosen route is the most costly option available, as it includes digging a tunnel that will be known as Location C. Nevertheless, Grayling assures that this huge investment will be very helpful to the people living in the surrounding areas. He said:

“Our £23bn investment into our roads is already making a difference, with schemes being completed across the country, including the M1 Catthorpe junction and A556 at Knutsford, cutting journey times for millions of motorists. The schemes announced today not only show we are taking decisions, we are planning upgrades and we are completing roads – making the lives of millions of motorists better.”

Aside from reducing traffic on the Dartford Crossing, this new route is believed by experts to help boost the country’s economy by improving access between the ports of London and the English Channel.

As of the moment, developers are also conducting a wide range of investigations into certain options to prevent rat running through the areas of Thurrock and Dartford.