Contractor Companies Are Bidding on the Construction of the Border Wall in the US

Contractor companies in the US, including three from San Diego, California, are participating in the bid to construct the border wall proposed by President Donald Trump.

One of these contractors that show interest in building the wall along the 2,000-mile border between the US and Mexico is R.E. Staite Engineering. According to Ralph Hicks, who heads the firm in the bidding process, there will not be a lot of clarity on the project as things stand, though they are looking forward to becoming part of it. He said:

“We’re very excited about being a part of, really, something on a national level. We have some set goals that we’ve established internally that we think the federal government may ask us to consider.”

In terms of the design concept, Hicks said that his company has contrived something that reduces carbon emissions. Specifically, he hinted that their wall design will be “smart” and will prevent tunnels to be constructed trough it.

Another firm from San Diego, vScenario, also hinted that their proposal is heavily influenced by military technology.

For these firms, winning a contract on this huge project could mean that they will be able to create hundreds of jobs. In terms of controversy, they are also optimistic that the construction of the border wall will not have a negative impact.