Denmark Has Managed to Run Entirely on Wind Energy for a Day

wind energy turbines
Image Source: Tony Webster, CC BY 2.0

On Wednesday, February 22, 2017, Denmark tapped into wind energy to generate 97 gW-hours (gWh) of power and managed to supply the electricity needs of the entire country for the day.

This huge achievement for the country is partly helped by the new offshore wind turbine installation that broke the record for the most energy generated by a single turbine in just a day. Generally, 70 gWh came from onshore facilities, while the remaining 27 gWh came from offshore installations. This amount of energy is said to be enough to power up 10 million average homes in Europe.

Commenting on this achievement, Wind Europe spokesman Oliver Joy said:

“In 2016 we saw the UK was powered without coal for 12 and a half hours, Germany went some days on renewable, and Portugal went four straight days on renewable. It shows energy transition is underway in Europe and arguably further ahead than anywhere else in the world.”

Aside from Denmark, Scotland has also been making significant investments in renewables, tapping into wind energy to supply electricity to its households. In 2016, the country launched the first large-scale tidal power farm in the world that has the potential to support 175,000 homes.

Also, the island nation of Costa Rica is already able to run entirely on renewable energy for months at a time. In 2015, the country has actually met 99% of its total energy requirements from renewable sources.