Distributed Generation Investments in Mexico to Reach Around $750 Million from 2017 to 2018

distributed generation transmission lines
Image Source: Chris Hunkeler, CC BY-SA 2.0

According to the solar installation firm Conermex, investments in distributed generation projects in Mexico could grow up to $750 million from this year to 2018.

The company specifically predicted that photovoltaic system installations for distributed generation in the country could triple this year, with more than 50,000 systems to be connected to the grid just this year. It says that this positive trend will be mainly due to the new policies put in place for smaller renewable energy stations generating less than 500 kW of power. As it has been pointed out, recent modifications for solar energy were introduced with the country’s new energy reform. Conermex director general, Carlos Flores Macías, said:

“The new regulation is modern, subsidy-free and very favorable to small-sized PV.”

Conermex notes that existing operators of distributed generation projects will be able to maintain their current contracts or sign a new one to comply with the new rules. It further explains that the time frame given to new installations has also been reduced to 13 days.

In 2015, Mexico had 114 mW of operational distributed generation from photovoltaic systems, and it grew to around 220 mW in 2016. Now, Conermex expects the share of this market segment to increase from the current 0.3% to approximately 5% in 2020.