Donald Trump’s Proposed Infrastructure Plan Would Create Millions of Jobs

infrastructure construction
Image Source:, CC BY 2.0

According to a report by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the $1 trillion infrastructure project in the US proposed by President Donald Trump could create millions of jobs.

To help planners in tracking job creation in the infrastructure construction sector, BCG has created a platform that provides information on each job category, including location and pay. The main goal of this tool is to predict the effects of new projects on jobs; help decision-makers determine the best initiatives to pursue; compare projects; and identify which ones will significantly impact job creation.

However, BCG pointed out that job creation through Trump’s proposed project will face some challenges. It states:

“The Trump administration has proposed investing an additional $1 trillion in infrastructure to create millions of new jobs. But creating millions of jobs will not be easy.

“To ensure that the administration achieves or exceeds its job creation objectives, policy makers need to adopt a “job-centric” approach for prioritizing investments in infrastructure projects on the basis of their job creation potential, and not exclusively on the projects’ criticality.”

Relatively, the Associated General Contractors of America also stated that contractors have been passing up new positions and extending completion schedules to address the inadequate number of skilled workers. Also, industry organizations have called on the government to lend them financial support for more career training programs in order to fill the need.

Withal, Trump’s infrastructure plan coming to fruition is yet to be determined.