Energus to Introduce the Thinnest and Lightest Solar Panel in the World to Date

solar panels
Image Source: Alan Levine, CC BY 2.0

The Australian solar company, Energus, is set to introduce a revolutionary solar panel that is said to be thinnest and lightest of its kind to date.

Called eArche, this solar panel was created by Energus founder Zhengrong Shi (known within the industry as the “Sun King”) and his team using a composite material similar to that of aircraft windows, making it 80% lighter than traditional panels. According to Shi, this product is ideal for rooftops that cannot withstand too much weight or are constrained on space. Commenting on his creation, Shi said:

“eArche has unlimited potential. Innovations in eArche’s manufacturing process allow it to be customized to any size and shape. Innovation in material development means you get a highly durable, thin, light-weight, high performing solar panel all at a competitive cost.”

Having a range of design possibilities, it can be customized in terms of size and shape. This means it can be integrated into structural plans without the hassle of getting awkward dimensions.

Over the years, traditional solar panels have remained unchanged with the usual size and weight making transportation and installation rather difficult. But with this new solar panel, things will become much easier. Its lightweight nature can offer users cost-savings.

Aside from Energus, Shi is also the founder of the Chinese solar company Suntech.