First Nations Renewable Energy Alliance Formed to Help Indigenous Communities in Australia

renewable energy for Australia's indigenous communities
Image Source: Eva Rinaldi, CC BY-SA 2.0

Indigenous leaders in Australia have formed the First Nations Renewable Energy Alliance to promote renewable energy in the country’s Indigenous communities, addressing high power costs and entrenched disadvantage that they are experiencing.

Organized at the Community Energy Congress in Melbourne, the alliance plans to partner with enterprises and other groups and lobby the government to support aboriginal communities wanting to harness and use clean energy. Euahlayi elder and member of the alliance’s steering committee, Michael Anderson, said that the move is an essential step towards self-sufficiency for their communities.

Now, one of those who showed interest in helping the alliance is the renewable energy company 360 Energy Group. According to reports, the company has already offered $10,000 in funding, an office space, and some knowledge to help the alliance get off the ground. The firm’s director, Michael Anthony, stated that he saw a tremendous potential for renewable energy sources to empower remote communities, stating that these solutions can help them no matter how remote they are. Revealing some details of his company’s plans, Anthony stated:

“We can build a power station where the community exists, so people are able to successfully live in the environment the way they want to live and have access to power which enables them to better determine their economic future.”

According to Anderson, the next step the alliance is planning to take is to identify a community that can act as a test case for a clean energy project.