Florida Power & Light Plans to Add More Solar Plants This Year and in 2018

panels in solar plants
Image Source: Kate Ausburn, CC BY 2.0

Florida Power & Light (FPL), the state’s largest electric utility, is planning to add more solar plants to increase its energy-generation capacity this year and the next.

The company outlined plans to build four solar plants this year, and just recently, it unveiled plans to put up eight such facilities by early next year. Combined, these solar plants will generate power that is enough to satisfy the energy needs of around 120,000 homes and help consumers save more money.

According to FPL president and CEO Eric Silagy, his firm planned to increase its energy production as part of an agreement that includes base-rate increases for customers. He said that they are advancing their plans as new facilities are becoming more cost-effective. He stated:

“By accelerating, we’re able to get much better (rates), from a standpoint of purchasing power. When you go out and place an order for 2.5 million panels, you get a lot of interest and some very competitive pricing.”

Specifically, the four new 74.5mW solar plants will be constructed in the counties of Alachua, Putnam, and DeSoto. As for the other four plants to be built next year, their locations are still to be announced. In any case, Silagy stated that they are trying to locate them geographically throughout his company’s service area. This means that they will likely be located on the East Coast and across Southwest and Central Florida.

When all the plants are up and running by early 2018, they will boost FPL’s solar capacity to nearly 1,000 mW.