Fort McMurray in Alberta to Experience a Huge Rise in Demand for Construction Supplies

construction supplies
Image Source: jmcclurken, CC BY 2.0

Since the urban service area of Fort McMurray in Wood Buffalo, Alberta was devastated by a wildfire in 2016, experts are expecting a major rebuild to occur, which means a huge rise in the demand for construction supplies.

After the fire happened in May last year, several construction firms have been handling the bulk of the rebuilding work. According to the Casman Group of Companies, there are already more than 60 builders currently working on various projects in the area. Jordan Weston, an executive at the company, anticipates the overall construction season will be very busy. He commented:

“Really, we’ve been through a few booms out here so we’re kind of predicting it will be hectic and short on supply, stuff like that. But we’re trying to preplan and get everything ready and sorted to go.”

Considering that many of the structures destroyed by the wildfire are homes, Weston said that the upcoming building boom will be different as it will be mostly intended to help people put their lives back together, aside from satisfying a growing economy. He explained:

“We sit with the homeowners on multiple occasions and make sure they’re completely comfortable and educated with the rebuild process, and [we help] them through the whole thing. It’s nice to actually see the end of the road of some of these people’s houses and getting them moved back in and they’re very emotional with the process as well.”

However, Casman Group stated that the increase in the demand for construction supplies and contractors could push back some of the projects’ completion dates. Nevertheless, all of them will be on schedule.