The Greensteel Council to Be Set Up for the UK’s Metal Industries

metal industries
Image Source: Kevin Casey Fleming, Public Domain Mark 1.0

The Liberty House Group in the UK, along with Simec, is spearheading a task to set up the Greensteel Council to help develop the country’s low-carbon metal industries.

Basically, this independent high-level council will be given the role to provide advice to businesses and to advocate green solutions to the challenges that are faced by the metal industries.

As for its initial line-up of members, it will include professor of engineering and the environment at the University of Cambridge, Julian Allwood; former managing director of EDF Energy, Martin Lawrence; CEO of the Materials Processing Institute, Chris McDonald; and the minister for business, enterprise and technology in the Welsh government between 2011-2016, Edwina Hart.

Sharing his opinion about the council, executive chairman of the Liberty House Group, Sanjeev Gupta, said:

“The council brings together an excellent team, offering a really valuable cross-section of experience and perspective related to the metals and energy sectors.”

Hart, who will be the council’s chairperson, also said:

“Our advice will be independent and based on solid evidence, and our clear objective will be the development of a more sustainable future for the metals industries in Britain.”