LBX Company Announces Its New Line of Demolition Machines

Link-Belt demolition machines
Image Source: Arvell Dorsey Jr., CC BY 2.0

LBX Company has introduced a new line of demolition machines that can match today’s newest equipment in their category in terms of specialty, high-reach applications.

Called the Link-Belt Demolition Tool Series, this set of machines includes a full line of grinders and shears to ensure broad functionality. Featuring a lighter-weight design, they are optimized to comply with standards and to be easily installed from one excavator to another. Basically, they have short, flat-top heads with bolt-on brackets that shorten center of gravity and make installation simple.

These demolition machines also come with a number of crushing teeth that can be customized to meet the specific requirements of a certain project. The teeth can be reversed and interchanged from front to back, which means that users can save on costs. Indexable metal cutting blades with an apex design also allow for more efficient cutting.

According to LBX, these machines are typically most efficient in construction and demolition debris processing, as well as concrete recycling. On its official website, it states:

“Link-Belt demolition equipment has a proven record in the harshest, most demanding applications. Depending on the application, our demolition equipment can be equipped with a variety of specialized attachments and components to be fit-up to your needs.”