London Transitioning to a High-Rise City with a Record Number of Tall Buildings in the Pipeline

tall buildings in London
Image Source: ColiN00B, CC0 Public Domain

As London pushes forward to become a high-rise city, developers are planning and constructing a record number of 455 new tall buildings.

Despite economic uncertainty following the Brexit, an average of one tower per week is being constructed since 2016, creating around 48 new high-rise blocks, which is a sharp increase from a year earlier. According to Peter Murray, the chairman of New London Architecture, which gathered such information through a survey:

“This is part of the changing face of London now. There has been no Brexit downturn as yet.”

Senior researcher at EG London Residential Research, Paul Wellman, also said that more tall buildings are breaking ground, with over 75% of them being built in the city’s central zones 1 and 2. Specifically, they are springing up along the River Thames, with most of them planned in the eastern boroughs of Tower Hamlets and Greenwich.

In 2016 alone, 26 skyscrapers having 20 storeys or more were completed, as developers shift their focus from offices to high-rise living spaces. Now, tall buildings account for around 30% of all the newly built houses and apartments in London.

Aside from residential units, there are also more landmark office towers currently in the pipeline.