Mild Winter Has Allowed a Boom in the Construction Business in Omaha, Nebraska

construction business still good during winter
Image Source: William Murphy, CC BY-SA 2.0

Thanks to the mild winter weather, construction business in Omaha, Nebraska is still experiencing a boom, with contractors and builders busy working on their projects.

Frost, which typically stays until April, is out of the ground, which means that construction crews are able to proceed with a lot of work. Larry LeDent, a superintendent at one of the city’s construction sites, said:

“Most winters it starts winter and it stays winter. We had some good breaks in this year so it’s allowed us to start things we normally wouldn’t have been able to get done.”

The increased activity in the city’s construction business has lead to an increase in prices for materials. Also, the uptrend has driven companies to hire more people. Greg Key, president of Lueder Construction, said, “A real shortage of labor because the industry is so active. But those are good things to have to deal with.”

But while the weather is not holding workers back, mud still poses a problem. Nevertheless, LeDent said that it is easier to deal with compared to frost.