More Mining Jobs by Rio Tinto in Western Australia

mining jobs by Rio Tinto
Image Source: Nacho Pintos, CC BY 2.0

Rio Tinto is set to support over a thousand mining jobs in Western Australia with the development of its Silvergrass, Yandicoogina, and West Angeles mines.

The company’s sixteenth mine in the Pilbara region, Silvergrass, is expected to offer around 500 jobs as it ramps up construction that started in January this year. Meanwhile, development of the Yandicoogina and West Angeles mines require an expected workforce of 470 and 120 people, respectively.

According to Rio Tinto CEO Chris Salisbury, his company has been investing in its Silvergrass iron ore business to help sustain local mining jobs. He said:

“To date, we have awarded more than $180 million in construction contracts to develop our Silvergrass mine. This includes a $40 million contract to Western Australian company Decmil and $120 million contract to Perth headquartered company RCR Resources.”

The company has also employed some contractors to help them realize their goals, including Decmil for the design, construction and commission service at the Silvergrass and Nammuldi mines, and the RCR for the delivery of conveyor and crusher systems to the Silvergrass mine.

Salisbury also commented that his company is committed to partnering with the Pilbara Traditional Owners. He stated:

“This is demonstrated by the awarding of a $3 million contract to a local indigenous contractor, Eastern Guruma, to complete earthworks, light vehicle road construction, overland conveyor overpass construction, and associated drainage for the Silvergrass mine.”