New Construction Projects to Revitalize the Streets of Spokane, Washington

new construction to revitalize the streets of Spokane
Image Source: Daniel Oines, CC BY 2.0

The city of Spokane in Washington recently announced that it will break ground on new construction worth $100 million to improve its streets.

According to Mayor David Condon, a series of huge projects will be started on April 3 this year in the East Sprague area from Helena to Stone. He said that the city will be doing a record amount of work. He stated:

“Following the wettest winter on record, the progress of the City of Spokane can’t stop. We’re enhancing the streetscape, adding pedestrian lighting and landscaping, rehabbing the pavement, and adding bumpouts at the intersections.”

It is also said that the new construction covering half a mile of the city’s streets is welcomed by business owners in the area. Co-owner of Tin Roof James Hanley commented:

“With this new project, we’re going to be revitalized,” “We’ll have new streets, new sidewalks, and just a vibrant community.”

Having learned a great deal from the very active construction season in 2016, city officials will take a different scheduling approach this year. For example, the contractor company Land L Cargyle is going to complete work for several blocks at a time before moving on to the next area.

Generally, city engineers will focus on enhancing the city’s entrances. At the same time, they promise that the construction work will be much less invasive than that of last year.