New Online Tool from Geli Enhances the Development of Energy Storage Systems

Image Source: Wiki

The San Francisco, California-based automation company, Geli, has introduced a new online tool that speeds up the development of energy storage systems.

Called ESyst, this online tool will help energy storage developers in choosing the right systems for their industrial and commercial projects. According to Geli, it offers developers a complete solution in terms of automation, design, management, and monitoring.

Commenting on this new tool, Geli vice-president of business development Andrew Tanner stated:

“We found that our data scientists were spending more time producing site analysis reports than working on our machine-learning algorithms, so we had to find a way to enable our partners with the same analytic capabilities that we possessed in-house. Though the analytic processes that underpin Geli ESyst are quite complex, ESyst users can now size energy storage systems in just minutes.”

ESyst works by using a variety of features. These include different hardware solution combinations from leading suppliers; tariff data that users can utilize to create industrial and commercial energy storage models; detailed site analysis tools; and project pro formas and reports.

Geli co-founder and president Ryan Wartena stated that his company’s goal in creating ESyst is to provide developers a competent tool in designing and deploying intelligent energy storage systems. According to him, the tool’s robust design and analytics platform are crucial to achieving a consistent and coherent process for development.