New Renewable Energy Installation for the IAMGOLD Essakane SA Gold Mine

renewable energy for mines
Image Source: Lance Cheung, CC BY 2.0

In partnership with the African Energy Management Platform (AEMP), EREN Renewable Energy has made a renewable energy purchase agreement with the IAMGOLD Essakane SA gold mine in Burkina Faso, Africa.

Under the agreement, the independent power producers, EREN RE and AEMP, will collaborate to install a new solar energy facility to improve the power generation capacity of the mine’s existing power system. Upon completion, this $20-million project will enable the site to cut its fuel consumption and carbon emissions at significant levels.

Commenting on the project, vice-president of EREN RE Christophe Fleurence said:

“This pioneer project highlights EREN RE’s and our partner AEMP’s valuable technical and contractual expertise in developing renewable energy solutions for isolated customers. This will be one of the largest hybrid dieselsolar PV projects in the world. Together with IAMGOLD, we devoted the necessary time and efforts to achieve a sound and replicable structure. We now intend to further deploy this environmentally sound solution to many large customers in Africa and worldwide.”

Currently, the IAMGOLD Essakane SA gold mine has the largest gold deposit in Africa, with around 400,000 ounces of such a precious metal produced in 2015. But because the site is located in an isolated region, it is still relying entirely on carbon-intensive diesel power.