Overland Sun Farming Employed to Work on Victoria’s First Large-Scale Solar Power Plants

solar power plants
Image Source: Green Prophet, CC BY 2.0

Victoria is about to see a significant development in its renewable energy sector with its first large-scale solar power plants at Yatpool, Iraak, and Wemen to be developed by Overland Sun Farming.

At full capacity, the three solar farms are expected to produce a combined output of 320 mW of power. That is enough to satisfy the energy needs of Geelong, Ballarat, and Bendigo.

Brett Thomas, co-founder of Overland Sun Farming, stated that these power stations would rely on the incentives from the bipartisan national renewable energy target. And with the falling prices of photovoltaics, he said that there will be no need to wait for a Victorian energy program to get these projects started.

Under the government policy set by Premier Daniel Andrews, 20% of the new generation built to meet a target of 40% renewable electricity by 2025 would be coming from a large-scale solar project. Commenting on this, Thomas said:

“I think the Victorian program will be great for the industry and will support the volume that the government wants a lot more quickly for projects that aren’t as economically efficient as ours, but at the moment we don’t need it.”

Thomas added that, unlike previous proposals, his company had received council approval, a contract, and full funding to be able to connect to the grid.

The three solar power plants are scheduled to start operating by the start of 2018.