Smart Building Technologies: The Perfect Solution to Creating Attractive and Productive Work Environments

artist's impression of structures with smart building technologies
Image Source: Steve Jurvetson, CC BY 2.0

According to Google’s chief technology officer Aglaia Kong, smart building technologies, which are basically designed to make buildings more energy-efficient, are now being used to create attractive work environments that are also conducive to productivity.

However, it is found that these innovations are not that easy to employ. In her speech during the Smart Building Conference 2017, Kong explained the challenges faced by businesses that want to establish smart buildings of their own. She stated:

“Different systems – lighting, energy, security, BMS [building management systems] and AV – exist in silos, which makes smart buildings difficult to maintain.”

For Kong, a great solution to these challenges is taking a horizontal approach that includes making a converged network that integrates operational and information technologies. Then, data will be gathered, analyzed, and applied to create better work environments.

Among the factors that have an important role in applying smart building technologies are density of employees and the amount of light in and around a building. Basically, these are also the main factors considered by most builders around the world in constructing commercial establishments.