Total S.A. Has Begun Oil Production on the Moho Nord Field in Congo

offshore oil production rig
Image Source: haymarketrebel, CC BY 2.0

Executives at Total S.A. announced that the company has already started oil production at its deep offshore project on the Moho Nord Field in Congo.

Operated at a rich reserve, the rig has a production capacity of around 100,000 barrels of oil per day. Commenting on the feasibility of the project, Total’s president for exploration, Arnaud Breuillac, said:

“Moho Nord is the biggest oil development to date in the Republic of the Congo.  A showcase for Total’s deep offshore operational excellence, it consolidates our leading position in Africa. Moho Nord will contribute to the reinforcement of the cash flow of the Group and to its production growth.”

Basically, the Moho Nord field operates with 34 wells that are connected to the Likouf floating oil production unit and to Total’s new tension leg platform. After it processes the oil onsite, it exports it by pipeline to the Djeno onshore terminal, which is also run by the company.

In terms of design, it is built to minimize environmental impact. It uses mostly electricity to achieve energy efficiency and does not perform routine flaring. Also, all the water the facility produces is re-injected into the reservoir.

Total owns 53.5% of the project’s interest, while the remaining shares are owned by its partners, Société Nationale des Pétroles du Congo and Chevron Overseas (Congo) Limited.