UK Recorded the Lowest Demand for Electricity Thanks to Rooftop Solar Installations

rooftop solar installations
Image Source: Micolo J, CC BY 2.0

Last weekend, the UK recorded the lowest amount of electricity demanded by businesses and households in its recent history, thanks to rooftop solar installations.

According to National Grid plc, the company that runs UK’s transmission network, the event (which happened on a Saturday afternoon) is a huge milestone for the country. It believes that the solar energy generated on the distribution networks has greatly reduced electricity demand during that time. National Grid operations manager Duncan Burt said:

“Demand being lower in the afternoon than overnight really is turning the hard and fast rules of the past upside down. It’s another fascinating sign of the huge changes we are seeing in Britain’s energy scene.”

Usually, demand for electricity peaks around 4pm to 6pm during this time of year, as people return from work to their homes. But in the recent weekend, the Berkshire control center saw a very dramatic decrease in energy usage by consumers.

Now, experts have hailed the event as a significant achievement in the solar industry. A spokesperson for the Solar Trade Association said:

“This milestone shows the balance of power is shifting, quite literally, away from the old centralised ‘coal-by-wire’ model into the hands of householders, businesses and communities all over the UK who want their own clean solar power.”

Another spokesperson from the government stated that they now want the UK to be a great place to invest in flexible, clean energy.