UK’s Gatwick Airport Has Opened a New Waste-to-Energy Plant

Sea-Tac Airport
Image Source: airbus777, CC BY 2.0

With the help of DHL Supply Chain, the Gatwick Airport in the UK has opened a new waste-to-energy plant, making the airport the first in the world to have such a facility onsite.

Worth $4.7 million, the new plant converts category 1 and other types of organic waste into energy to be used for the airport’s waste management and water recovery systems. As it has been pointed out, the majority of waste the airport produces is category 1, which is generally composed of food matters or anything mixed with it, including packaging materials.

According to the plant operators, the facility will save the airport around $1,250 in waste and energy management costs per day. DHL senior vice-president Martin Willmor said:

“Disposing of Category 1 waste can be very costly and time-consuming, but our new waste management and recycling system is a huge step forward. Gatwick is leading the way in converting waste onsite into an energy source, and we’re already investigating a number of further initiatives to support sustainable energy production and the future expansion of the airport.”

Airport officials also said that this waste-to-energy plant has the capacity to generate additional energy for powering other sections of the airport in the future. Currently, the facility can process around 10 metric tons of waste every day.