US Government Called to Impose Duties on Biodiesel from Argentina and Indonesia


The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) has called for the US government to impose anti-dumping duties on biodiesel imported from Argentina and Indonesia that is said to have violated trade agreements.

Such a move by the NBB came after two years of tension between domestic and foreign producers over soaring imports of biodiesel that is believed to be threatening the profitability of domestic producers. NBB CEO Donnell Rehagen stated:

“Our goal is to create a level playing field to give markets, consumers and retailers access to the benefits of true and fair competition.”

Now, the group has sought to block imports from the two countries, in particular, stating that their trade increased 464% from 2014 to 2016 due to illegal methods. Basically, it claims that Argentine and Indonesian biodiesel is offered at about 23% and 34% below market value, respectively. If this claim is accepted by the US Department of Commerce, anti-dumping duties would be imposed on such commodities based on their corresponding percentages.

As of the moment, the Commerce Department and the agriculture and foreign ministries of Argentina have not provided some comments about the issue. However, Indonesia’s Director-General of Foreign Trade Oke Nurwan said that his country would “not be silent” on the matter and will work to resolve it. He stated:

“If the US government approves the recommendation, the Indonesian government will cooperate and provide data required to prove that the producers’ accusations are incorrect.”

Nurwan added that his country has actually taken a similar approach with European Union’s anti-dumping duties, which it is currently challenging via the World Trade Organization.