China now has its first large-scale energy storage system (ESS), which was designed and built by the international energy company, Narada Power Source Co., Ltd.

ESSs are among the key technologies applied to renewable energy integration, smart grids, micro grids, distributed power generation, and development of electric vehicles. They are used to provide services, such as frequency control, peak shaving and electrical supply reliability improvement. Particularly, they have greatly improved the acceptance ability of renewable energy integration and have intensively facilitated the utilization and development of clean energy resources.

In this project, which is particularly built for GCL Silicon, Narada functioned as an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor providing overall design and system integration service, which includes management of electricity consumption. It successfully installed a 1.5MW battery network that allows GCL Silicon to better handle its “behind-the-meter” management of power.

Being a leading provider of energy storage systems, Narada has definitely made a quantum leap for the availability of stored energy in China. Expressing his confidence in what his company can do for the country, Narada president, Bo Chen, said in a statement:

“In future, on the basis of continuous reduction of cost per kWh, Narada will keep carrying forward the novel business model ‘Investment + Operation’ in ESS commercialization, and will contribute to sustainable development of energy for the whole world by continuous innovation, technology improvement, and commercialization of smart energy.”

Aside from this project, Narada is also working on the largest ESS for an industrial park in the country that will provide a total capacity 15MW/120MWh.