Even when temperatures are already dropping, winter construction activity is still up in Halifax, Novia Scotia due to the high demand from baby boomers, according to a report by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).

Commenting on such a scene, principal market analyst at CMHC, Guillaume Neault, said:

“There’s certainly been a trend that has been in play for the last three or four years where larger buildings would require crews to be on site year-round.”

He confirmed that there is a strong demand for rental units in Halifax that is mostly coming from aging baby boomers who are putting their single-family homes on the market and moving into apartments.

Combined with the city’s low vacancy rate of 2.6%, this demand has driven construction crews to work through the cold months to finish their projects and get the apartments ready for occupancy.

“It’s usually more cost effective to keep going with the work. Projects have deadlines, budgets to meet. And as long as it’s safe, contractors will continue with the work,” stated the president of the Construction Association of Nova Scotia, Duncan Williams.

Lastly, Neault said that there are also a few single-detached homes being built in Halifax during winter, aside from apartment buildings.