The construction of a $1.5 billion mixed-use building has already gotten underway on Bulfinch Crossing in Boston, Massachusetts. This project, which occupies 2.9 million square feet of land, was brought to a start by the HYM Investment Group LLC and Developers National Real Estate Advisors LLC.

Designed by Pelli Clark Pelli and CBT Architects, the project will use two full city blocks of the city’s downtown area, specifically emerging from the 50-year-old Government Center Garage. Upon completion, the mixed-use building will transform the area into a new hub that will link the surrounding neighborhoods.

During the project’s naming, managing director of the HYM Investment Group, Thomas O’Brien, said:

“We envision Bulfinch Crossing as part of the ongoing evolution of Boston. It is symbolic of the new urban experience—one that is highly connected to the community and by transit; one that embraces a variety of uses; and one that emphasizes thoughtful and purposeful design to make it an exciting destination.”

Based on the blueprints, the project will feature six buildings, which include a mid-rise boutique office tower, a 1.1-million-square-foot One Congress office high-rise, two residential towers, an 82,500-square-foot retail space, a 200-room hotel, and a public space.

The construction work is stated to last for about five to ten years, requiring more than 1,200 jobs.