Around 10,000 compliance certificates for construction materials have been issued by the Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL) of the Dubai Municipality, covering a wide range of products. The materials include different batches of concrete blocks, pre-fabricated iron sheets, glass, adhesives, insulation products for air-conditioning systems, dyes, and paints.

Such a step is said to have been taken to make the construction sector of Dubai more sustainable. The director of DCL, Amin Ahmed, explained:

“These efforts come within the framework of our quest for the application of green building specifications and regulations and to assure the products circulated in our local market are sustainable building materials.

“Therefore, we have developed a unique system to grant certificates for different batches of concrete block products of various types starting from developing their specifications in accordance with global best practices taking into account the harsh environmental conditions that prevail in the UAE from the heat, humidity, and sandstorms.”

Based on the specifications stipulated on the certificates, concrete blocks and other construction materials should be manufactured in the city according to the best international standards, with 17 brick factories currently subjected to such a system. To know whether or not a product should be granted a compliance certificate, the DCL will assess its conformity.

“We evaluate all the batches of products in these factories and award compliance certificates if they pass the tests required in accordance with the specifications developed by the municipality,” Ahmed said. “Thus, we contribute in a great way to the quality assurance of the products from these factories and the durability of the concrete blocks as well as consumer protection.”