The European Union (EU) has offered financial support to businesses operating in the West Midlands to help them take advantage of bioenergy technologies.

Developed by the European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI) at Aston University, this project constitutes a three-year program that will help participants with maximizing new commercial and technical opportunities brought by innovative low-carbon sources. University vice chancellor, Alec Cameron, explains:

“This new support program is focused on deploying our UK-wide expertise in encouraging small and medium-sized businesses to expand their horizons for their own benefit and that of the Midlands region. It is also about developing new opportunities in emerging and disruptive marketplaces.”

Basically, the EBRI will conduct seminars and workshops across the county to help businesses gain some expertise about biological conversion processes and advanced thermal technologies.

According to the team that is leading the initiative, it is focused on helping businesses take advantage of certain skills, such as turning waste into energy, managing energy use, and using advanced control systems to optimize energy.