Lord’s, also known as Home of Cricket, has become the first cricket venue in the UK to run on 100% clean energy.

According to the group that owns the cricket ground, Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), it signed up to the renewable tariff by EDF Energy after the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) showed how extreme weather has significantly affected the sport.

Specifically, the ECB statistics revealed that bad weather conditions had already caused £3.5 million-worth damage to 57 cricket clubs in the region as of December 2015, with heavy rainfall affecting both recreational and professional cricket competitions. For this reason, the ECB shelled out more than £1 million in emergency funds last year, and another £1.6 million for 2017.

MCC chief executive Derek Brewer said that these figures illustrate the significant impact of changing weather patterns on the sport. Expressing his opinion on the development made for Lord’s, he said:

“It is important that all organizations embrace sustainability and I’m very pleased that Lord’s has become the first cricket ground in the country to run on 100% renewable energy.”

For the project, solar panels have been installed into the stand’s roof design. Also, a system that collects and recycles water has been added. So far, these sustainability improvements have resulted in a 7% reduction in the overall energy usage of the facility compared to 2010.

The cricket ground is also redeveloping its Warner Stand as a symbol of its drive to fully embrace clean energy.