The UK’s very first commercial wind farm is celebrating 25 years of producing clean renewable energy.

It is a quarter of a century since the turbines were first switched on-December 21, 1991 on Delabole Wind Farm on the north Cornwall coast, creating power for over 2,700 houses a year.

In that time, the UK wind market has grown from the 10 turbines at Delabole, to more than 1,000 commercial onshore and overseas that has created enough electricity to power 9.5 million houses a year.

Good Energy, who purchased Delabole in 2002, had a refit between 2009 and 2011 and now includes four bigger turbines that produce sufficient electrical power to power 6,200 houses a year.

Good Energy stated that since 1991, the wind farm had created more than 340-gigawatt hours (GWh) of sustainable electrical power.

In 2013, it ended up being the first in the UK to provide its own local tariff that offers lower bills to residents. The community gets ₤10,000 annually to specific fund that offers grants to local projects and groups including playschools and football clubs, the company said.

Juliet Davenport, CEO of Good Energy, said:

“This is an amazing achievement for the renewable industry and a huge moment for Delabole. Since the turbines began turning, sustainable innovations have come a long method, with wind power producing a record-breaking 12% of the UK’s electrical power in 2015”

She went on to say “The success of the wind farm has mostly been down to the assistance of the local neighbourhood who are the genuine custodians of this site. It’s thanks to them, and their belief in the project, that has assisted make Delabole the perfect design for additional wind power developments here in the UK”.

Peter Edwards, who initially established the wind farm also stated: “After the wind farm began generating in 1991, one of the main criticisms was that the amount we contributed to the National Grid, it was so irrelevant that we shouldn’t have bothered.

That’s why it’s so satisfying to see simply how far wind energy has come and how it now competes with nuclear.”

Throughout the UK, using wind Energy has actually avoided burning more than 100 million tonnes of coal over the last 25 years, with 58 million tonnes displaced from 2013 to 2015 as wind power flourished.